Jul. 12th, 2010

I've been going for a couple years... here's what I've learned.

1. Take your own toilet paper.
What they supply is crap, and it's not worth the hassle. Plus you'll be in and out of the hottub, and the pool and doing walking... scratchy-scratchy is bad always, but worse then.

2. Either take charcoal, or don't.
If you take it sometimes, and not others... you'll always guess wrong. So either carry it always, or plan on getting it if you need it.

3. You're taking too much food.
I suspect this is different for some people, who never take enough. I can easily see it going one way or the other. We've gotten better about this over the trips, and have it about cut down to the minimum (cutting it too close will make you feel stifled and your choices limited).

4. If you're going for the shopping, the crowds, and the sites/shows/etc... stay in a hotel.
The prices are very low, and if you're not spending time in the room... why pay the extra?

5. If you're NOT going for the shopping, and just going for getting away... cabins are totally worth it.
The right cabins are awesome.

6. If you have a cabin, do all your laundry before you leave.
It's GREAT to come home and not have any dirty laundry... it doesn't take hardly any time to do it there while you're watching a movie, or whatever.

7. Factor in the time it takes to get down the mountain, and the time it takes to get through crowds/traffic.
It's so easy to be late for stuff, forgetting it takes an extra 20+ minutes just to GET to the main roads.

8. If you've something you really like, take everything to make it happen--don't assume it'll be there.
Some cabins will be really well equipped, others will have hardly anything. Some that are well equipped will have everything but a cork-screw or a lighter or whatever cause some jackass stole it.

I'm sure there are others... but that's what came off the top of my head.
Some of the guys I've been involved with have liked the porn*, some either haven't or hid it so well that I never knew (which is really well indeed!), some have LOVED the porn.

Mostly I don't care. Lemme rephrase that and be more honest... ...mostly I don't care, so long as they're open about it. Being all "I.do.not.do.that!!!" or "I hardly ever do that!!!!" or even, "I do that maybe a little," when your browser history shows hundreds of things per DAY... ...that shit pisses me off**. It pisses me off even more because I don't care. If you're going to lie about something I don't care about, then you're lying about all the important stuff too.

(It also is annoying when a browser history is way way way clean, when I know that's not the case. WTF. Again--if you're like that about the little stuff, the big stuff is even more.)

This entry has gotten away from me!!! All that crap above is NOT what I wanted to post about!

Looking backward, I really do appreciate those guys who had a variety of women, or who liked stuff that I could (in theory) be somewhat considered in. It's not that I don't expect them to look at/like the tiny blonde girls, but when they're mixed in with women who sorta look something like me... that's nice.

It means I can see you being attracted to me, or at the very least, not repulsed by me. For a girl that's pretty repulsive to the majority of the population... that's kinda important. (Well, okay, if not important, at least NICE.)

Soooo even though NONE of them will ever see this... ...for those guys that liked a variety--thanks. :)

I need to say... if tiny blondes are your thing, then hey, they're your thing. That's fine. I'm not holding it against you that that's your thing... I'm just baffled why the hell you're with me, when that's your thing!***

*yes, to me pretty much anything that's not arty and is naked pictures is porn... I'm semi-aware that porn has somehow become more video only, I've no idea what just non-moving pictures are called... ...since there IS a difference in my head between porn and erotica. (erotica is arty, porn is more obvious/vulgar)

**In general, I have to say being all "I DO NOT DO THAT!!!!!!" when it's really really obvious you do, pisses me off. It also really really upsets me when I see you doing whatever that thing is, or find out that you did. EVEN if it's something that I really wouldn't normally care about AT ALL. (A great example of this is Calvin swore he DID.NOT.DRINK. When I looked up and saw him downing a beer... I was PISSED. Don't make something a stance and a big part of your persona, then do it... or rather, don't expect me not to be surprised, shocked, hurt, and ticked off.)

***There are other things that I just don't get... but I'm not getting into those...



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