Jul. 7th, 2010

Here's some stuff that's crossed my head to post about but I haven't...
(so I guess it's sorta? a post??)

I went shooting for the first time at a range with Dan. It was interesting. Not quite sure what I think... pretty sure I don't know enough to know what to think. Well, I do know one thing--I need to figure out ear protection*. It's really really annoying how sound-sensative I am**.

I saw the whole Lady Gaga/bisexual label issue thing.
While I do agree 'bisexual' doesn't describe it, I have often wondered... okay, then, what is the term for someone who enjoys sexual situations with women but has zero desire for a long-term romantic relationship/future with a woman?

I'm on vacation!! Yay!!
I said I wasn't going to work at the mall any. I've been there most of the day for both Monday and today/Tuesday. But I didn't get paid, and it wasn't the full day... it was a choice and somehow that makes it different.

I'm VERY VERY dedicated to make sure that my vacation is a good one. I'm hoping this doesn't have to be by sheer willpower. So far, though? My vacation has been pretty awesome.***

* in my perfect world, I wouldn't hear ANYthing, but I know this isn't really reasonable. I also think it may not be desireable, though I'm really really not sure why I think it might be a bad idea.
**Shooting is NOT the only place/time it's annoying... I have trouble with sound pretty often. I'm also pretty light-sensative. It's annoying too!!
***Friday I went shooting with Dan, then Jenny/Kat came over and we cleared out the guest bedroom. Saturday I spent the day at home? maybe? I honestly can't remember what the heck I did Saturday... Sunday I went to Farmer's Market and there was a family cookout. Monday I spent helping Gran at the mall, so Dan could fix her car for her. Today I took Gran's dog for a bath and nail clipping and also took some stuff in to the mall.



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