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EASY. Billy Joel.
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Hunted bold what?

Oh, wait... ...unless it's me or people I know... chances are the answer is yes regardless. Unless they talked about hunting people, or whales, or polar bears ALL THE DAMNED TIME, in which case... I tend not to be friends with anyone that talks about the same thing ALL THE DAMNED TIME*.

*I suppose children are, grudgingly, an exception... but some days I'd pay to get my friends to pick another topic than their kids. Mostly just one friend, and I'm related to her.
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Totally indifferent.
Unless it's about pairings that aren't true to the characters... in which case mostly indifferent, with a dash of "That's stupid."
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The chance.

(Which translates to... enough cash and the job security to do so comfortably.)
(Comfortably... translates to mid to upper class in said new world.)
(If life's just going to suck... well... I can do that here/now/etc.)
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Well. At work I have it set to Google, and at home I have it set to "blank".

Sooo... I guess I don't like/want/desire clutter, obviously.
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That's two questions.
No. Yes.
And pretty much because one of those I can make more of, and the other I can't.
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You have a beautiful body.

Find yourself appealing, and let it shine through... in your manner, in your attitude, in your responses to the world.

If you don't find yourself appealing... then... simply put, let someone worship you. I promise, hand to God, that there are people who find you in the very top rankings of physical desirability.

Find someone* who is truly into your body type... and let them be into your body. Let them show you, teach you, that you're appealing... that you're worthy of attention and of desire. Without changing anything about you. You--just exactly how you are.

Soak in being appreciated on a purely physical level... delve into their desire, their want, their lust. It can go as far as you'd like, or not--personally, I think farther can be good... the more it hits things home, the more you can tell if it's real, the more you can feel the "realness" of their responses. But it doesn't have to go any farther than meeting for soda at a coffeeshop. Just let yourself meet people that find you, as you are, appealing.

Let them use you as the perfection of what they desire... ...and in turn, use them** to learn and find your own appeal. You needn't feel appealing, but it's rather hard to deny it when it's staring you right there in the face.

*Not as hard as you'd think and sure as hell not as hard as you'd think... no matter what your body type... just a matter of the right website, and being willing to explore seeing/dating people who may not be your "type" for a longterm relationship.

If you don't already know this--truly know and believe it through and through--there are people out there that are into your body type. It doesn't matter if you're five foot square (both tall and wide)... It doesn't matter if you're 6 feet tall and 100 pounds... It doesn't matter if you're missing limbs... or bald... or crosseyed... or whatEVER***. Someone out there is into it... way more someones than you think... and chances are there's some of those someones near you.

**I realize how harsh this sounds, but it's really not. So long as you're upfront about not looking for a long relationship, and they are the same. This is totally a win-win relationship---with you getting the attention, and them getting an object to lavish the affection upon.

***Now... ...this is to say that you are COMPLETELY upfront and brutally honest about what you look like, what your body is, what you physically are. Otherwise, you're totally setting yourself up to be discounted due to your looks.

I also realize this is totally objectifying yourself. To which, I say... "So??"
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A bat.
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"If you were pretty, you'd be perfect."

He was verrrryyyy very drunk, and I was/am so not his type. He meant it as a VERY good thing, and meant it wholeheartedly--in the BEST way possible.
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I was a highwayman, along the coach roads I did ride,
With sword and pistol by my side.
Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade.
Many a soldier shed his lifeblood on my blade.
The bastards hung me in the spring of twenty-five:
But I am still alive.
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Sure... all the time. Often I grab a book, and eat at the same time.
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None of them.
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Yes. No.
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I always liked Meg.
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Nothing but water works. Even better if you're smart enough to drink the water AS you're drinking alcohol--equal parts, and ice counts as water. Hangovers come (mostly) from dehydration.

If you haven't remembered to drink water--then drink two huge huge glasses right before bed, and take a few pre-emptive Advil and asprin. Both is even better--and they're different types of drugs, so you can take both.

Now... if you've forgotten this totally... and wake up with a hangover? You're pretty much screwed, but the same stuff applies. Drink water/repeat/repeat/repeat/etc.
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For about ten years now... or maybe twenty... my family has celebrated Christmas on the Saturday after Christmas*.

So I do most of my shopping when all the big sales are going on directly after Christmas... though I do also do some here and there throughout the year. Bad thing about that is I usually end up giving them the stuff beforehand cause I just can't help myself.

When all of her kids started getting married/having kids/etc... and it was rushing to make appearances here and there and yonder... ...Gran changed our Christmas celebration to the Saturday after so there'd not be conflicts. Sooo... woe, woe, woe!! be unto you should you not make Christmas.
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Umm... my freezer does have a light in it. And it also has a light on the door too!
My deep freezer doesn't, cause it's a cheap model.
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Oddly enough, it's an old-ish Disney movie called "Watcher in the Woods". For some reason my aunt and uncle rented it for me when I was spending the night with them. I think I was maybe six?... ...and it freaked me the hell out. (My guess is they figurd a Disney movie couldn't be too bad.)

My brain realizes that now it's not so,so scary... but I watched it a few years ago, and it still freaks me out. It's scary with concepts, the power of the mind/collective people, and lack of trust. Those movies are the ones that get me the most--even still. The closer you get to "it could happen" the more it freaks me out. Though, admittedly, my range of "might happen" may be a bit broader than most.

Don't get me wrong... "The Ring", "Wrong Turn", and any slasher film can make me jump and startle me. But they don't make me scared when I curl up into my covers at night.

Alllllthoughhh... that one girl that threw up in "The Sixth Sense"... I had the damnedest time getting her out of my head. Dunno why.
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Jon Stewart. Though I think that's mostly because I enjoy his sense of humour more... and so have watched his show more often.



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