Someone posted in a group I'm in about how she smelled... ...and since I wrote like 5000 words on the subject, I figured I'd toss it up here so I could point back to it if/when it comes up again. It's something that does come up, more often than you may think.

Okay. I'm a BIG GIRL... and I'm just going to say what works for me.

Well, no, I'm going to say what works for me after I say DO NOT USE TALC... which has nothing to do with if it causes cancer or not or whatever... it has to do with it being ground-up-rocks. It might work, for a little bit. Then it'll get wet, and grind into your skin and be bad bad bad*.

Okay, on to the TMI part of our program.

First off, I use soap/shampoo/body wash/something on a poof all over, and concentrate on my fat rolls****... to really really exfoliate the skin there. NOT TO RUB IT RAW, though... which can be a fine line. After you've been sweaty all day sometime, run your fingers over the fold at your thigh and see if you're getting a build up of dead skin--same thing under your tummy. This is the stuff you want to get off with a poof. I admit I'm lucky in that I can use ANYthing on my vag and it doesn't make it unhappy. But find something that doesn't upset yours, and use it**.

Second, rinse well. Then rinse some more. Soap buildup is NOT your friend. Usually after I've shaved my legs, and shampooed my hair, I'll rinse off my poof entirely and give all the key spots another very light brush... just to make sure there's no soap there and it's well exfoliated. Make sure water rinses inside all the creases a few times.

Here's where it gets weird, but is--to me--the most important two parts.

Third... after everywhere is nice and clean, and you've done all the shower stuff you're going to do, but while you're still in the shower... put on a very thin layer of baby oil*** especially in all your creases (except for your armpits). I even make sure to hit the divet at the top of bottom. I usually do this while I have conditioner on my hair so it gives it time to soak in.

Rinse again, but not quite as well. All you're doing is spreading the oil a bit, and letting the excess rinse away.

Fourth--the absolute most important part... DRY OFF. I mean, really, seriously dry off. Drying off water with a towel when you have baby oil on is SUPER easy, all you have to do is pat dry really. But after that, DRY OFF... lay in front of a fan for about five-ten minutes, and let the air get to all your pieces parts. Eagle-spread, bottom in the air, on each side stretched so the fan hits any creases there and your armpits, on your back with your boobs pulled up... kinda like a rotisserre chicken, only moving slower and pausing.

So... that's what I do. It WORKS for me. It works really really well for me, and I did have issues before--both with scent and with comfort (I'd get raw spots and/or external yeast infections, esp under my boobs.) And while everyone else here is telling you if you think you smell you probably don't, I'll disagree. It's probably not as easy to figure out how/why/where/what you're smelling like, but if you're scented enough to smell yourself, you may very well be 'scented' to others. I don't mean it mean, I've been there, and it sounds like you may be also.

Plus, my skin feels amazing. (I have to keep the baby oil off of my face and back, though, or else it'll make me break out.)

OH!!!! And in the summer when it's really crazy hot, I'll do all of the above, and when I know I'm super super dry... I'll take just a dab of deoderant (I use Secret Gel myself), and slide it under the crease at my tummy, and sometimes at the crease at the top of my thighs. I don't do this all the time--I imagine it'd get irritated if I did? (Not sure) But I only do a dab--like I'll click it up once then back down again, so just a little is left on the top, and kinda dab it across the area to apply.

*In this, as in the whole thing, of course your milage may vary, you may have a totally different experience. But I know for me, and for others I've talked with... grounduprocks is bad. Maybe not all the time/every time, but once it gets you, it GETS YOU.
**not internally of course, but outside? ab-so-lute-ly
*** Neutrogena makes a body oil that also works... but baby oil's cheaper and works just as well.
****the joint where my thighs meet my kitty--super important since I don't shave bare, under my tummy, under my boobs, in my belly button, and the creases at my sides
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The chance.

(Which translates to... enough cash and the job security to do so comfortably.)
(Comfortably... translates to mid to upper class in said new world.)
(If life's just going to suck... well... I can do that here/now/etc.)
So Christmas is tight... well, Christmas is alllways tight, but this year it's super-tight, like bake-everyone-cookies-oh-well tight... which I honestly don't think it ever really has been.

I see that it's tight for a LOT of people... the tight varies, of course--for some of my friends it's scaled back to more than what I'd've done anyway cause they're just like that/life-stationed like that, whatever. And I realize that a lot of women on my friends-list will be cutting their own Christmas wants short... partly because less cash in the household means less cash for someone to get them something, and partly because... well that's what women do--set their own stuff aside until others are taken care of, even if that sometimes/often/always/whatever means that their stuff never gets dealt with.

I also have come to realize that I'm clearing out my closet/house/life/whatever... and trying to make it more sane*... and I'm tossing/donating/etc a lot of things. Things that could be useful to someone, things that might make them happy... sadly, mostly not things that are worth a billion dollars or anything, but still...

So here's the deal... mailing things is pretty cheap, and while things are tight--they aren't so tight I can't mail out some of those nifty flat rate packages...

Give me your name and address, and I'll send you a something. It won't be something worth a billion dollars, but it'll be something nice and/or useful, it'll be in the spirit of sharing and joy, and it'll (hopefully) give us both something nice that happened.

I will say... if you're a plus sized girl (and I know there's more than one on my friendlist), I'm about a size 28 currently, and I'm getting rid of clothes that are about 22-24-26... I totally send you some. Who doesn't need a new/different sweater?

Comments are screened, for obvious reasons.

*when you seriously have a desire** to drape your house in gasoline, lay down in bed, and let it all blow up around you... MAY have gotten overly over-whelming.

**the desire to have something happen and the urge to act upon said desire are NOT THE SAME THING, so don't freak out, yo. :)
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Well. At work I have it set to Google, and at home I have it set to "blank".

Sooo... I guess I don't like/want/desire clutter, obviously.
I am almost positive someone on my friends list posted a recipe for bread pudding... ...within the last... ohhh year.

It sounded awesome, but I can't remember who or when it was posted. (I wish I'd memoried it.)

I'll do the searching, but... if anyone remembers posting it? Could they pop up and say, "HEY that was ME!"


Sep. 3rd, 2009 09:26 pm
I need a boob job because my nipples are exactly the right (wrong) height and keep hitting my desk and it's PISSING me off.
I feel the need to confess something... I think I shall go find a "tell me something" entry somewhere and tell it!

I think, perhaps, this is very messed up.

... in other news... on any given day, I probably have the thoughts for at least one post... but posting--no, writing--for me isn't easy. It takes forever and is like pulling teeth and I'm not even good at it*. Sooo... they mostly stay in my head. :)

*not a request for compliments, just the simple truth... ...I'm not great at it, and it takes me for friggen ever to get things to where I'm even marginally happy with them. Case in point? This post took me like ten minutes to write. TEN minutes. And it's like what... 200 words? Dude.
From the Examiner... *
"Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped when she was 11 years old. Wednesday, she entered a sheriff’s department and revealed her true identity. Today, her alleged kidnappers, Phillip Garrido age 58 and his wife, Nancy Garrido have been arrested and charged in the case. They are being held on $1,000,000 bond each. It is believed that it was a stranger abduction and that the Garrido’s didn’t know the Dugard family.

Jaycee Dugard was living in the backyard of the Garrido home for approximately 18 years. Now, it is released that Philip Garrido impregnated Jaycee Dugard and fathered several children with her."

From me...
Kinda makes one wish they could send people to Texas for trial just for spite.

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That's two questions.
No. Yes.
And pretty much because one of those I can make more of, and the other I can't.
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You have a beautiful body.

Find yourself appealing, and let it shine through... in your manner, in your attitude, in your responses to the world.

If you don't find yourself appealing... then... simply put, let someone worship you. I promise, hand to God, that there are people who find you in the very top rankings of physical desirability.

Find someone* who is truly into your body type... and let them be into your body. Let them show you, teach you, that you're appealing... that you're worthy of attention and of desire. Without changing anything about you. You--just exactly how you are.

Soak in being appreciated on a purely physical level... delve into their desire, their want, their lust. It can go as far as you'd like, or not--personally, I think farther can be good... the more it hits things home, the more you can tell if it's real, the more you can feel the "realness" of their responses. But it doesn't have to go any farther than meeting for soda at a coffeeshop. Just let yourself meet people that find you, as you are, appealing.

Let them use you as the perfection of what they desire... ...and in turn, use them** to learn and find your own appeal. You needn't feel appealing, but it's rather hard to deny it when it's staring you right there in the face.

*Not as hard as you'd think and sure as hell not as hard as you'd think... no matter what your body type... just a matter of the right website, and being willing to explore seeing/dating people who may not be your "type" for a longterm relationship.

If you don't already know this--truly know and believe it through and through--there are people out there that are into your body type. It doesn't matter if you're five foot square (both tall and wide)... It doesn't matter if you're 6 feet tall and 100 pounds... It doesn't matter if you're missing limbs... or bald... or crosseyed... or whatEVER***. Someone out there is into it... way more someones than you think... and chances are there's some of those someones near you.

**I realize how harsh this sounds, but it's really not. So long as you're upfront about not looking for a long relationship, and they are the same. This is totally a win-win relationship---with you getting the attention, and them getting an object to lavish the affection upon.

***Now... ...this is to say that you are COMPLETELY upfront and brutally honest about what you look like, what your body is, what you physically are. Otherwise, you're totally setting yourself up to be discounted due to your looks.

I also realize this is totally objectifying yourself. To which, I say... "So??"
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A bat.
1. merchild-vblackangelv
This is one of my favorite pictures, and in a lot of ways how I'd ideally see myself. Strong, compassionate, wideeyed, and protective.

2. panbox
It's a picture of Pandora opening her box. I usually use it when I wonder what I'm getting into, or not sure about things.

3. rosehello
The first roses my husband gave me were these roses. I used to use it when I got mushy and talked about him, or for wedding planning things. ... ...Not much of a call for it lately.

4. cleo/fish made by psh6
I use this when I talk about fish, but mostly, I just think it's cute.

5. prince&cinder made by psh6
Same thing here... ...I just think the prince and Cinderalla is cute.
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"If you were pretty, you'd be perfect."

He was verrrryyyy very drunk, and I was/am so not his type. He meant it as a VERY good thing, and meant it wholeheartedly--in the BEST way possible.
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I was a highwayman, along the coach roads I did ride,
With sword and pistol by my side.
Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade.
Many a soldier shed his lifeblood on my blade.
The bastards hung me in the spring of twenty-five:
But I am still alive.
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Sure... all the time. Often I grab a book, and eat at the same time.
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None of them.
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Yes. No.
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Your result for The Long but Good Kinky Switch Test...

66 % Kinky, 32 % Switchy, 47 % Bottom, 23 % Top

So, there you have it... a realistic apprasal of how kinky and switchy you are.

Scoring low in both is a vanilla personality - nothing wrong with that, mind you.

High in kinky and high in top is is the "typical top" profile; seek out someone with similar levels of "kinky" but who scored high in "bottom".

Similarly, high in "kinky", high in "bottom", but low in "top" and "switchy"
means you're a bottom. Find a top...

High in both kinky and switchy implies you ought to find another kinky switch; otherwise you'll end up being frustrated half the time!

Good luck and good hunting!

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Take The Long but Good Kinky Switch Test
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