May. 20th, 2010

Review of three books I want to review/feel that I should because they're great and everyone should read them, and they were WOOONDERful... but I'm not a great reviewer, and they aren't the best reviews for the author. Sooo.. I'm burying it here instead of on Amazon. Out of respect. :)


Rosemary and Rue I enjoyed thoroughly*. New world, new ideas, new play on things, all in all a wonderful book. Twists that were realistic within the book, and where there was predictable it was acknowledged by everyone except the main character who was too blinded by other stuff to see it.

A Local Habitation and Feed... ...I had the same issue with both of them--the villians were predictable. As soon as they were introduced, I knew "yup, it was them". Here's the thing though... I didn't care.

In Habitation, I wanted to know more about the WORLD--the quirks and politics and... just the world it was based in. And the world didn't let me down, not even once, not at all.

In Feed, the world was well-built** (but by premise, not entirely new), and the action and how the action unfolded was different and new and wonderfully written... and everything was so well thought-out and realistic.

So... predictable, but I enjoyed the hell out of the writing... taking less than 24 hours to finish Feed, and finishing Habitation in about a day. Must be doing something right!!

*to be fair, I enjoyed ALL of them thoroughly
** both worlds are WONDERFULLY wellbuilt, thought-out, and... just... GREAT



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